New Work

  • Liz’s short story, Scorned

    Adapted for radio by Gorretti Slavin and performed by Marion O’Dwyer first broadcast by RTE Radio 1 on Sunday 21st June.

    Listen here



  • I am still the kid with the limp. Except, I really like her now.

    Liz Nugent’s sense of self-worth was eroded in childhood; as an adult, she has learned to fake confidence – and be kinder to herself in the process, too.

  • Prequel to Lying in Wait

    Dark crime thriller Lying in Wait by Liz Nugent introduces us to well-to-do Lydia and her highly respected husband Andrew after they kill a young prostitute named Annie. While Andrew struggles to hold it together after their crime, Lydia is unsettlingly calm and focused on protecting her son Lawrence. As the story progresses we find ...

  • The All Seeing Octopus – My Weekly Magazine

    Liz was commissioned to write a short story for My Weekly magazine. She came up with The All Seeing Octopus.

  • Swimming For Life

    A new short story published in the Sunday Express


    There was a large turnout at the funeral. Margaret deserved that.

    It was dignified. Phyllis from number 97, who’s been dotty for years now, refrained from singing Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, thank God. Even Simon, my grandnephew, ...

  • 100 Words 100 Books

    Liz’s flash fiction piece was included in a collection called 100 Words 100 Books produced by RTE Radio 1’s The Book Show.

    Van Gogh

    photo 1

    I have red hair and one ear. Since my boyhood, they have nicknamed me Van Gogh. They think it is funny.

    Because of my missing ...

  • A Teenage Emigrant for Sunday Miscellany at the Mountains to Sea Festival

    Listen to Liz reading her 5 minute story about being a teenage emigrant for Sunday Miscellany at the Mountains to Sea Festival in Dún Laoghaire.

    First broadcast on RTE Radio 1 on 28/10/14.

  • Bones by Liz Nugent


    It was only after the coffin was lowered into the ground that I began to laugh. I had managed to get through the whole ceremony in the church, fighting to maintain a quiet dignity, but now the glee spilled unchecked up through my shaking shoulders and out ...