Book Club questions for Lying in Wait

Lying in Wait is a dark and gripping story of obsessive love, flawed characters and the unnerving personality of a killer. While we learn from the very beginning who has killed Annie Doyle, the mystery is why did they do it? And as author Liz Nugent slowly unravels the chilling reasons behind the murder we learn just how sinister these characters truly are.

Lying in Wait is exactly the sort of book you press upon a friend after reading so that you can both discuss the twists and turns and the characters you love to hate. Print out our reading group questions and bring them along to your next book club night, or leave your answers in the comments box below to kick off the conversation online.

Liz Nugent is a radio and TV scriptwriter – do you think that affects the way that she writes her novels?

Discuss the way that the author uses 3 different narrators in the novel

Many of the characters in this novel are not particularly likeable. Do you need to be able to empathise with characters in a book to enjoy it?

Discuss how the author structures the novel to build the tension

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